Refund Policy:

Refunds will be processed when requested a minimum of (7) seven days prior to the start of the program, subject to the following:

1. If you drop your child's registration less than seven days prior to the start of any camp or program, NO REFUND will be issued.

2. Refunds, for programs other than camp, will be issued in full less a service fee of 20% (not to exceed $20) of the total program cost to cover administrative expenses.

3. Camp refunds will be issued in full, less a service fee of 20% of your total program cost (Early Bird or Regular Fee), with a max of $200 per camp.

4. If the Park District cancels, postpones, or combines classes due to lack of enrollment, a full refund will be issued.

5. If a registrant is placed on the wait list and we are unable to accommodate the registration, a full refund will be processed approximately thirty days after the program starts.

6. All pre-paid fitness cards, registration fees, season passes/tokens, and boat rental spaces are non-refundable and non-transferable.

7. No refunds or transfers are available for karate classes.

8. Transferring between camps will be allowed, but only for the same number of weeks.

9. Other restrictions apply for room rentals.

10. Pro-rated refunds will be done on a "per class basis," less a service fee of 20%, and less for any amount incurred for materials, special clinics, costumes, uniforms, and/or other expenses.

11. Camps and contractual programs will not be prorated.

12. Medical circumstances or household relocation situations may be eligible for pro-rated refunds, but must be authorized by the respective Program Manager, i.e., after proper documentation is received.

13. For refunds less than $10, a household credit will be issued on your account and may be used as payment for future programs.

14. With the exception of one day programs, the Park District will not issue refunds for classes canceled due to inclement weather or other circumstances beyond the District's control. A make-up class may be scheduled; if the Park District is unable to schedule a make-up class, a credit/refund will be applied to your household account.