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    213202 - Ballet

    Tiny Ballet
    This class is a preschooler’s intro to ballet, incorporating props and games and play. Preschoolers will learn some basic ballet choreography through familiar age appropriate musical selections as well as gain an awareness of their hands, feet and body. Ballet shoes are required; ballet attire (leotards/tutus/tights) is suggested.

    Mini Ballet
    Children will learn the foundation of ballet forms; body placement and awareness, flexibility, balance, alignment and strength. Through familiar classical music and games, foundation ballet skills and choreography are taught; Ballet shoes and ballet attire are required.

    Youth Ballet
    A traditional formal style of ballet that adheres to classical techniques. Ballet barre work, stretching, across the floor, proper posture and alignment and musicality are included in this training. Black leotards, pink or tan tights and ballet shoes are required for these classes.

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    Unavailable 213202-01Tiny Ballet09/17/18- 12/17/18M11:30A- 1:00PTakiff Center$358/$3943 years up to 3 yearsItem DetailsRead NoticeLocation Details
    Unavailable 213202-02Mini Ballet 4s09/17/18- 12/17/18M10:30A- 11:25ATakiff Center$234/$2574 years up to 4 yearsItem DetailsRead NoticeLocation Details
    Unavailable 213202-03Mini Ballet09/14/18- 12/21/18F12:00P- 1:30PTakiff Center$358/$3944 years up to 4 yearsItem DetailsRead NoticeLocation Details
    Unavailable 213202-04Youth Ballet K-1st09/04/18- 12/18/18Tu 3:00P- 4:15PWatts Center$408/$4495 years up to 6 yearsItem DetailsRead NoticeLocation Details
    Unavailable 213202-05Youth Ballet 2nd-4th09/04/18- 12/18/18Tu 4:40P- 5:35PTakiff Center$315/$3477 years up to 10 yearsItem DetailsRead NoticeLocation Details
    Cancelled213202-06Youth Ballet 3rd-6th09/06/18- 12/20/18Th 3:45P- 4:40PTakiff Center$294/$3239 years up to 13 yearsItem DetailsRead NoticeLocation Details
    Cancelled213202-07Mini Ballet 4s09/13/18- 12/20/18Th10:30A- 11:30ATakiff Center$273/$3004 years up to 4 yearsItem DetailsRead NoticeLocation Details
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