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    311450 - Tinkrworks

    Take a stuffed animal and bring it to life with electronics! We will add sensors, sounds, and motors to the animals and will learn how to program each component. You will learn to use touch sensors and servo motors to make your electric pet move and make noises. Best of all, you will take your
    animal home at the end of the session.

    No class: February 14.

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    Unavailable 311450-01NEW! Makerspace Electric Pet01/10/20- 03/20/20F 3:00P- 4:00PSouth School$443/$4876 years up to 8 yearsItem DetailsRead NoticeLocation Details
    Unavailable 311450-02NEW! Makerspace: Weather Station01/10/20- 03/20/20F 3:00P- 4:00PWest School$471/$5188 years up to 11 yearsItem DetailsRead NoticeLocation Details

    908650 - Harry Potter: Wizarding World

    Want to make your own video game? What if you could build your own game system too? In this introductory game-design camp, students will use 3D-printing and laser cutting tool sets to build and customize a hand-held game system. After putting together the electronics and 3D printed parts,
    campers will design a fully functional video game. After learning how to render graphics, campers will move things on the screen with their own code, design their own levels, and program the objective into their game. No prior programming experience is needed.

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    Unavailable 908650-01Game Development08/10/20- 08/14/20M-F12:30P- 3:30PWatts Center$427/$4707 years up to 10 yearsItem DetailsRead NoticeLocation Details

    908670 - Bionic Bike

    Do you want to learn music, no strings attached? Our electronic- instrument design camp is sure to pluck your harp strings. Campers will create a digital harp that is played by touch. After designing, building, and decorating their wood and acrylic instruments, campers will light them with color-changing LEDs. Campers will then program the sound and tone of their instrument
    before learning to play real songs No music experience? No problem. Our exciting game Harp Hero will help campers master their instruments in no time.

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    Unavailable 908670-01STEAM MAKERSPACE: Musical Instrument Design, Electric Harp08/10/20- 08/14/20M-F 9:00A- 12:00PWatts Center$428/$4719 years up to 12 yearsItem DetailsRead NoticeLocation Details
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