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    309145 - The Joy of Creativity: After School Art Club

    Using ideas from famous artists, we will explore our individual style as we learn from the masters! We will discover the playfulness of Picasso, the vision of O’Keeffe and the musicality of Kandinsky’s paintings, to name a few. Instructor Carole Pearlman leads this mixed media class which will use watercolors, tempera paints, oil pastels, and more! New projects each session!

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    Unavailable 309145-03After School Art Club01/16/19- 03/20/19W 3:30P- 5:00PTakiff Center$390/$4295 years up to 11 yearsItem DetailsRead NoticeLocation Details

    311660 - Crafting with Kim

    Prepare to take a creative journey with Glencoe artist and teacher Kim Bloomberg. Kim has combined her 15 years of teaching and a lifetime of creating to form a multi-level course where students can explore a variety of techniques and materials. Learn how to create through sculpting, mosaics, mixed media, duct tape, fiber art and much more. New projects each session!
    ***PLEASE NOTE: Ages for this class are different than listen in the Winter brochure***

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    Unavailable 311660-01Crafting with Kim01/08/19- 03/19/19Tu 3:15P- 4:30PWest School$330/$3638 years up to 10 yearsItem DetailsRead NoticeLocation Details
    Unavailable 311660-02Crafting with Kim01/11/19- 03/22/19F 3:45P- 5:00PTakiff Center$330/$3638 years up to 14 yearsItem DetailsRead NoticeLocation Details
    Available311660-03Slime and Skate01/22/19- 01/22/19Tu 2:00P- 4:00PWatts Center$357 years up to 18 yearsItem DetailsAdd to CartLocation Details

    312420 - Sunshine Arts & Crafts for Gr. K-2

    Amazing Art combines all of your favorite art projects and mixed media in this unique class. Kids will make Tie Dye shirts (art smocks for the session), experience pottery painting, create fired ceramic arts, paint a canvas acrylic painting, do recycled art projects andmore. Lessons will include concepts and techniques kids can use for a lifetime and the experience of creating awesome projectss will result in great self-esteem and a sense of accomplishment. All new lessons for every sesson.

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    Unavailable 312420-01Amazing Art01/08/19- 02/12/19Tu 3:30P- 4:30PTakiff Center$115/$1275 years up to 11 yearsItem DetailsRead NoticeLocation Details
    Available312420-02Amazing Art02/19/19- 03/19/19Tu 3:30P- 4:30PTakiff Center$115/$1275 years up to 11 yearsItem DetailsAdd to CartLocation Details

    319720 - Figure Drawing - Adult

    Instructor: Cheryl Steiger
    In this introductory course, students will draw the human form from live models. Each class will include a gesture drawing and a longer pose. This class is great for beginning students or for those who would like to draw or paint a live model. Price includes model fee.

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    Cancelled319720-01Figure Drawing - Adult01/08/19- 03/19/19Tu 9:30A- 12:00PTakiff Center$325/$35818 years and UpItem DetailsRead NoticeLocation Details

    319721 - Drawing for Everyone

    Instructor: Cheryl Steiger
    Learn the fundamental skills of composition, proportion, values, and perspective in different techniques and mediums. Individual attention received at every skill level.

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    Available319721-01Drawing for Everyone - Adult01/09/19- 03/20/19W 9:30A- 12:00PTakiff Center$302/$33218 years and UpItem DetailsAdd to CartLocation Details

    319722 - Botanical Drawing

    Instructor: Cheryl Steiger
    Develop strong drawing skills for botanical art. In this class students will draw live plants and from photographs. In addition, they will learn how to enhance illustrations with colored pencils, pen, ink, and watercolor.

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    Available319722-01Botanical Drawing - Adult01/10/19- 03/21/19Th12:30P- 3:00PTakiff Center$302/$33218 years and UpItem DetailsAdd to CartLocation Details

    319723 - Mixed Media Collage

    Instructor: Ina Beierle
    When Picasso and Braque added paper to their paintings the idea of papiers colles (pasted papers) became an accepted addition to their artwork. Artists such as Schwitters, and later, Burri, and Rauschenberg, to name a few, used papers and other materials/objects to create collage and 3D assemblage. Today, this form of art is widely used.The class will focus on the creative use of collage and design using papers and other materials.

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    Cancelled319723-01Mixed Mediat Collage01/08/19- 02/05/19Tu 1:15P- 3:15PTakiff Center$88/$9718 years and UpItem DetailsRead NoticeLocation Details
    Available319723-02Mixed Mediat Collage02/19/19- 03/12/19Tu 1:15P- 3:15PTakiff Center$88/$9718 years and UpItem DetailsAdd to CartLocation Details

    319733 - Watercolor - Adult

    Instructor: Cheryl Steiger
    Students will learn the basics and explore new methods for more advanced painters. Receive individual instruction and progress at your own pace in this studio class.

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    Available319733-01Watercolor - Adult01/07/19- 03/18/19M 1:00P- 3:30PTakiff Center$248/$27318 years and UpItem DetailsAdd to CartLocation Details

    319735 - Painting the Portrait

    Instructor: Cheryl Steiger
    Portraiture instruction for all artists. Study form through anatomy, values, color theory, and lighting with a costumed model. Work in the painting or drawing medium of your choice.

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    Available319735-01Painting the Portrait01/09/19- 03/20/19W12:30P- 3:00PTakiff Center$302/$33218 years and UpItem DetailsAdd to CartLocation Details

    319737 - The Artist's Studio

    Instructor: Cheryl Steiger
    Pursue art through an individualized class. Work in the drawing or painting medium of your choice. Work from photos, still life, and imagination. Individual instruction will be given on techniques.

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    Available319737-01The Artist's Studio01/10/19- 03/21/19Th 9:00A- 11:30ATakiff Center$302/$33218 years and UpItem DetailsAdd to CartLocation Details

    319738 - Painting with Acrylics

    Instructor: David Gista
    This course offers a strong introduction to painting in which students learn about color mixing, painting, techniques and composition. Each student receives one-on-one instruction and everyone is encouraged to develop personal themes. The focus of the class is exclusively Acrylics. Students will learn the specifics of this very rich technique, which can equal the wonder of oils when well-mastered. All skill levels welcome.

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    Available319738-01Painting with Acrylics - Adult01/08/19- 02/12/19Tu 6:30P- 9:00PTakiff Center$165/$18218 years and UpItem DetailsAdd to CartLocation Details

    319739 - Fun with Pastels

    Instructor: Ruti Modlin
    Whether you’re new to pastels or looking to build on your experience, this relaxed and friendly class will take you on a personal discovery journey. Composition and application will be taught and demonstrated from still life, landscape photos, personal objects, portraits and much much more. All levels welcome.

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    Available319739-01Fun with Pastels01/11/19- 03/22/19F10:00A- 12:00PTakiff Center$220/$24218 years and UpItem DetailsAdd to CartLocation Details

    319747 - Mixed Media: Drawing, Painting & More

    Instructor: David Gista
    This studio class focuses on creativity, and more specifically on being inventive with the use and combination of various mediums and tools. You will find ways to combine traditional painting techniques with unconventional materials. You will practice drawing, painting and printing in unusual ways. You will discover how to create with your own unique voice. All skill levles welcome.

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    Available319747-01Mixed Media: Drawing, Painting & More01/09/19- 02/13/19W 9:30A- 12:00PTakiff Center$165/$18218 years and UpItem DetailsAdd to CartLocation Details

    320730 - Paint & Sip

    Grab a friend for an evening of painting and wine! Our painting instructor will guide you through the process of creating your own masterpiece. No experience or supplies necessary; new and seasoned artists are welcome! BYOB. Age 21+.

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    Available320730-01Paint & Sip01/25/19- 01/25/19F 6:30P- 8:30PTakiff Center$30/$3521 years and UpItem DetailsAdd to CartLocation Details

    908680 - Art Camp

    Offering a unique camp experience for kids who love art! Campers will experience a variety of art mediums including ceramics, watercolor, drawing, and painting. Professional Art Instructors will visit several times throughout the session to work on techniques and guide the campers’ creative process. Camp will also visit the Glencoe Beach and Botanical Gardens for some nature inspiration.

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    Available908680-01Art Camp06/17/19- 06/28/19M-F 9:00A- 12:00PTakiff Center$550/$6057 years up to 10 yearsItem DetailsAdd to CartLocation Details
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