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    217705 - Rowing

    Get ready to work your whole body and then hit the foam rollers! This class pairs moderate to high-intensity rowing with a variety of strength training exercises, followed by foam rolling to release muscle tightness. Targeting every major muscle group, the class is designed to increase your cardiovascular fitness, build strength and prevent injuries with deep tissue rolling (self-myofascial release). Open to all levels of fitness; no rowing or rolling experience necessary. Beginners welcome! Bring a mat and water bottle. We'll supply the foam rollers but you're welcome to bring your own.

    This class is held outdoors at the Takiff Center. There are no drop-ins allowed. Please report to the tent located behind the Takiff Center. If there is inclement weather, class will be canceled.

    If COVID restrictions change: class canceled and refund issued.

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    Unavailable 217705-05Rowing, Resistance, and Rolling with Sandy Culver10/09/20- 10/30/20F 8:00A- 9:00ATakiff Center$80/$8818 years and UpItem DetailsRead NoticeLocation Details

    301510 - Volleyball

    Volleykidz is an introductory class for children ages 7-9. The lesson plan introduces the pass, set, and spike using a light volleyball. This class will improve each child’s hand eye coordination and left-right coordination through the use of fun drills and games. If COVID restrictions change: class canceled and refund issued.

    If COVID restrictions change: class canceled and refund issued.

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    Unavailable 301510-01Kids Volleyball01/22/21- 03/26/21F 5:00P- 6:30PTakiff Center$208/$2297 years up to 10 yearsItem DetailsRead NoticeLocation Details
    Unavailable 301510-02Youth Volleyball01/22/21- 03/26/21F 6:30P- 8:00PTakiff Center$208/$2299 years up to 12 yearsItem DetailsRead NoticeLocation Details

    302201 - USFS Tots Skating

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    Waitlist302201-13Tot 112/05/20- 12/19/20Sa12:55P- 1:25PWatts Center$60/$663 years up to 5 yearsItem DetailsRead NoticeLocation Details

    302301 - Private Skating Classes

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    Unavailable 302301-10Mikolajczyk Skating02/05/21- 03/05/21F 2:00P- 2:30PWatts Center$80/$88Birth and UpItem DetailsRead NoticeLocation Details
    Available302301-12Novack Skating03/03/21- 03/03/21W 2:00P- 2:30PWatts Center$20/$223 years up to 5 yearsItem DetailsAdd to CartLocation Details

    309104 - Preschool Cooking

    We’re whipping up some fresh and tasty content for your budding kid chef this season by focusing on 3 super fun COOL-inary themes in our after-school cooking class sessions:
    FUN-da-mentals: In our first class, your kid chef will develop confidence in the kitchen by learning the FUN-da-mentals: measuring, mixing, mashing, blending, and more! These skills set the foundation for cooking and baking, and students will learn these skills while creating a delicious sweet treat with a nutritious twist!
    Kitchen Tools PhD: In subsequent classes, students will move on to earning their Kitchen Tools PhD! Recipes provide tons of engaging and tactile learning for kids to perfect their dicing, slicing, mincing, grating, folding and chopping with a wide variety of kitchen tools, from graters and immersion blenders to whisks, wooden spoons and kid-safe kitchen knives. These kitchen tools help develop and hone fine motor skills as kid chefs prepare savory recipes together with their peers.
    COOL-inary Confidence: Students will also learn to “Cook Off the Cuff” for several classes and develop their COOL-inary Confidence with fun & flexible recipes that let them choose the vegetables, herbs, and spices from a bundle of colorful and tasty options. Each hands-on, real-world class will encourage your young chef to engage all of their 5 senses while expressing their own unique culinary creativity, trying new foods, and thinking about how each component will contribute to their own tasty recipe masterpiece in the end!
    Our professional chef instructors guide kid chefs by providing safe, entertaining, hands-on learning throughout the class, but it’s the kid chefs who do the prepping and the cooking! Our class sessions are a BLAST for all ages! When kids get to touch the ingredients and have a hand in creating their food, they’re much more willing to try new foods.
    We provide all of the tools, ingredients and instruction needed to cook up a delicious, healthy and hearty after-school snack each week. Our online recipe collection is included as well for loads of future family cooking fun at home!

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    Unavailable 309104-01Sticky Fingers Cooking01/25/21- 03/22/21M10:30A- 12:00PTakiff Center$336/$3704 years up to 4 yearsItem DetailsRead NoticeLocation Details
    Waitlist309104-02Sticky Fingers Cooking01/21/21- 03/25/21Th11:30A- 1:00PTakiff Center$420/$4623 years up to 3 yearsItem DetailsRead NoticeLocation Details

    309111 - Sing Out!

    Music is a foundational skill that allows for future school success. This class will provide an introduction to music through rhythms, songs, and partner games while nurturing the musical intelligence of each child. Join Mr. Shaun for a fun, hand-on experience! Caregiver attendance required.

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    Waitlist309111-01Tot Music with Mr. Shaun01/19/21- 03/23/21Tu10:30A- 11:15ATakiff Center$420/$462Birth up to 2 yearsItem DetailsRead NoticeLocation Details

    309112 - Music and More

    Music is the key to learning! A musical background is an important building block that is very influential in a child’s development. Studies have conclusively demonstrated that early exposure to music will enhance the child’s ability to learn as they become older. We will provide the necessary tools to allow preschool children to build that foundation one step at a time!

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    Unavailable 309112-01Music and More01/19/21- 03/23/21Tu11:30A- 1:00PTakiff Center$270/$2973 years up to 3 yearsItem DetailsRead NoticeLocation Details
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