Details for Girls House League 4th
214515-04 (Athletic Programs)

There are 11 sections of this class
Ages: 9 years to 10 years
Date Time Day Location
12/03/2019 6:30P to 7:30P Tue
12/07/2019 12:00P to 3:00P Sat
12/10/2019 6:30P to 7:30P Tue
12/14/2019 12:00P to 3:00P Sat
12/17/2019 6:30P to 7:30P Tue
01/07/2020 6:30P to 7:30P Tue
01/11/2020 12:00P to 3:00P Sat
01/14/2020 6:30P to 7:30P Tue
01/21/2020 6:30P to 7:30P Tue
01/25/2020 12:00P to 3:00P Sat
01/28/2020 6:30P to 7:30P Tue
02/01/2020 12:00P to 3:00P Sat
02/04/2020 6:30P to 7:30P Tue
02/08/2020 12:00P to 3:00P Sat
02/11/2020 6:30P to 7:30P Tue
02/18/2020 6:30P to 7:30P Tue
02/22/2020 12:00P to 3:00P Sat
02/25/2020 6:30P to 7:30P Tue
02/29/2020 12:00P to 3:00P Sat
03/03/2020 6:30P to 7:30P Tue
03/07/2020 12:00P to 3:00P Sat
03/10/2020 6:30P to 7:30P Tue
03/14/2020 12:00P to 3:00P Sat
03/17/2020 6:30P to 7:30P Tue
Girls House League Basketball - Grades 1st-4th
Girls will have the opportunity to learn and improve their skills in this program. There will be on team practice per week and on game on Saturdays. Volunteer coaches lead our weekend youth basketball league games. Weekday practices are led by Glencoe Park District coaches. All children registered will receive equal playing time. Teams focus on fundamentals of basketball including shooting, passing, dribbling, and teamwork. All games and practices will take place at the Takiff Center.

Registration received after October 25 at 5:00 PM will be assessed a $25 late fee.

Registration will not be accepted after Friday, November 1 at 5:00 PM. Any late registration after November 1 will be placed on a wait list and, if possible, placed on a team after the team selection process is completed.

Girls House League Basketball EVALUATIONS - Grades 3rd-6th
Participants should attend the evaluation on Saturday, November 2 at the Takiff Center from 9-9:45 AM for 3rd/4th Graders and 10-10:45 AM for 5th-6th Graders.
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Gender: Female Only