Details for Watts Skating WAITLIST

Default Period: 10/23/2020 - 03/20/2021
Ages: All Ages
Web Reg Available to:
Both Residents and Non Residents
The Ice Skating Passes are WAITLISTED. If you're interested in going on the waitlist, please add every family member that will need a pass. You will be required to pay to go on the waitlist. You will be contacted via email if you are moved off the waitlist. All patrons under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult with a pass or guest pass.

This season pass to the Watts Ice Center covers unlimited access to public skate, as scheduled. Must purchase a pass for each member who plans to to Skate at the Watts Ice Center. Fees are per person.


IMPORTANT NOTE: If you submitted your Watts Registration Form at the Watts Ice Center, you may pick-up your Watts Membership Pass at the Watt Ice Center three (3) days AFTER the day you receive your email confirmation (receipt).
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