Details for Developing Physical Literacy for the Younger Skater
102801-12 (Watts - Skating/Hockey Pgms)

There are 14 sections of this class
Ages: 8 years to 12 years
Date Time Day Location
07/07/2021 - 07/28/2021 6:00P to 7:00P Wed
305 Randolph St.
Glencoe IL, 60022
Developing Physical Literacy for Skaters Off the Ice
Northbrook Speedskating Club has been training and sending athletes to every Winter Olympics since 1952. With particular emphasis on quality and technique, this series of dryland classes can be tailored to help each participant achieve their personal athletic goals, regardless of their primary sport. Exercises are designed to support the acquisition of coordination and motor control, development of speed, strength and stamina, as well as maintain flexibility to reduce the risk of injury. Participants should bring their own water bottle and yoga mat to each class.

Teen Strength and Conditioning
Maximize your individual potential through exercises which target the major muscles and the groups of small intricate muscles to condition and strengthen the entire body.

Teen Plyometrics and Power
Increase your power and acceleration through plyometric and high velocity movement exercises which focus on jumps and sprints in different angles, improving overall athleticism and coordination.

Teen Endurance and HIIT
Develop the ability to sustain your optimal performance levels through circuit and interval training which enhances cardiovascular capacity and muscle endurance.

Teen Explosive Speed and Lateral Movement Agility
Improve your body control and reactive ability to quickly move or change directions through exercises which add speed and quick turns to fundamental movement patterns.

Developing Physical Literacy for the Younger Skater
Focus on Motor and Foundational Skill Development in the areas of speed, agility, strength and conditioning through sprints, balance progression, core strength training and bodyweight strength circuit training with the goal of improving athletic movement and coordination. Participants should bring their own water bottle and yoga mat.

Let's Learn Inline Skating
Learn the basic techniques of Inline skating, build both your confidence and your form, and explore a range of skating styles while at the same time developing strength and endurance. Participants will need Rollerblades, Helmet, Wrist and elbow guards, and Knee pads, and bring their own water bottle.
Gender: Co-ed