Details for 24-form Tai Chi Quan
117700-05 (Fitness Programs)

There are 5 sections of this class
This activity is considered to be STRENUOUS.
Ages: 18 years and Up
Date Time Day Location
06/01/2019 - 08/17/2019 10:00A to 11:00A Sat
Participation: For beginners and all levels. Sign up for the 12-weeks series. Repeat as needed.

Recommendation: To receive the maximum benefits, students are recommended to practice Ba Duan Jin Qigong at the same time.

Introduction: In 1956, the Chinese National Sports Supervisor Department included the 24-form Tai Chi Quan in the official martial arts textbook. The 24-form Tai Chi Quan can improve lumber disc herniation, promote blood circulation, strengthen muscles and balance of the body, especially the legs. Promoting blood circulation can improve overall longevity to achieve the effect of prolonging life.

Participation by paying drop-in rate only after registration
Gender: Co-ed